Where are they now… Jessica from Kids 1st Wansbeck

19th Jul 2017
Where are they now… Jessica from Kids 1st Wansbeck

In the first of our ‘Where are they now’ blog posts, we catch up with Laura and her daughter Jessica.

Parent’s name: Laura
Child’s name: Jessica
How old is your child now: 8 years old
Year and nursery they attended: 2012, Kids 1st Wansbeck

Why did you choose Kids 1st? Kids 1st was recommended to me by other parents who had children at the nursery.

How did Kids 1st help your child develop?
Jessica has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, she is also registered partially sighted. Before she started Kids 1st she was a very anxious and upset little girl, who was very reluctant to let anyone in. But as soon as we visited Kids 1st Wansbeck, she became alert and happy. Jessica had one-to-one care with dedicated staff who were simply amazing with her! They helped her come out of her shell at her own pace and gradually transformed her into a happy, excited and alert little girl.

How are they doing now?
Jessica now attends a school for special needs children called The Centre in Ashington. She started a few weeks after leaving Kids 1st and is now in Year 4. Jessica has had a rough few years with illnesses and surgeries but always bounces back. She enjoys swimming in the hydrotherapy pool and enjoys rebound therapy on a trampoline – she loves to bounce!

How has Kids 1st helped them transition to school?
Kids 1st opened Jessica up to the world and helped her to realise that it wasn’t a scary place after all. The staff taught her how to feel, touch, smell and listen all through sensory play. Her first day at school was a breeze due to her time at Kids 1st Wansbeck.

Do you have advice for any new parents considering Kids 1st?
Don’t hesitate, they are beyond fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone.


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