The art of storytelling

2nd Apr 2013
The art of storytelling

Story time is an important aspect of a child’s day at Kids 1st and this is because we truly believe in the benefits of great storytelling and the effect it can have on a child’s relationship with books in the future.

Kids 1st have devised a unique approach called ‘the no interruption zone’ so whenever staff see this sign, they know that a storytelling session is taking place. We decided on this approach as we want the children to consistently have the very best experience. This has allowed the children to be fully engaged in a story without interruptions and this has helped their language development, concentration and understanding.

Along with this approach we feel it is important be fully prepared for story time; youhey need to choose the right book for the age group of your child as this can certainly be the difference between success and failure. It is vital that the stories are kept exciting and that your voice is used as expressively as possible to help maintain your child’s interest.

A final point to make is the importance of keeping storytelling and reading fun, as this is crucial to the children’s enjoyment in books in the future.

Kids 1st understand the benefits of good storytelling which is why we invited Neil Griffiths, the creator of Story Sacks, to one of our staff training days, as he is totally passionate about books and inspirational in his story telling techniques.

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