Spotlight on Lizzie… Kids 1st QE’s recently appointed Nursery Manager

2nd Jul 2015
Spotlight on Lizzie… Kids 1st QE’s recently appointed Nursery Manager

Congratulations to Lizzie Dickson, soon to be manager Kids 1st QE in Gateshead.

In the past Lizzie has worked at the Freeman Hospital and as a nanny before she joined Kids 1st back in 2010, based at our Gosforth nursery. Joining Kids 1st wasn’t too unfamiliar for Lizzie as she had already worked under Allison Winship during her time at the Freeman Hospital nursery. Following Gosforth’s opening, Lizzie was soon promoted to Senior Nursery Nurse in the October of the same year. March 2012 saw Lizzie move to our Low Fell nursery where she continued to move up the ranks, being once again promoted, this time to Deputy Manager.

Here is a little snapshot of Lizzie, her career so far at Kids 1st and her plans for the future:

Q: Why did you decide to work in childcare and what have you enjoyed about working at Kids 1st over the past five years?

A: Even from a young age I always loved looking after children, so working in childcare always seemed inevitable. I really enjoyed my time working as a nanny, but when I moved to Kids 1st I realised it was the perfect place for me. It’s amazing to watch the children grow up and to see their personalities develop, and I love being a part of that.

Q: Of the extra-curricular activities offered by Kids 1st that you have been involved in, what have been your personal highlights?

A: The annual Fun Day is something everyone, including myself, looks forward to every year without a doubt. Everyone has a great time taking part in it, and I also think it’s a great way of giving back. I also love the French and Dancing activities at the nurseries- that has always been a highlight for me. Fundraising events are always lots of fun, as well as being very important and for fantastic causes.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your new Manager role at Kids 1st QE?

A: I can’t wait for the first Christmas in the nursery; it’s always a special time but it will be even more special to celebrate it in the brand new nursery. I’m also excited to be welcoming all of the children into the nursery and I know that they’re just as eager as I am to join us at Kids 1st QE. I look forward to building my own team at the nursery and ensuring that we offer the highest standard of childcare possible. Last but not least I look forward to working with the Trust in the future.