Quack Quack!

12th Jul 2013
Quack Quack!

Earlier in the summer children at Kids 1st Darlington enjoyed an extra special treat! Not only were the children lucky enough to watch the growth and development of chicks, they also welcomed a duck to the nursery!

Just like Kids 1st Low Fell, the children at Darlington participated in the ‘Living Egg’ programme, where the nursery received 10 eggs to look after. The programme provided the nursery with all of the facilities to care for the eggs and chicks once they hatched. The children loved watching the development of the eggs into chicks and learnt a lot about their life cycle. Once the eggs hatched, the chicks were collected by a local farm where they will live. The children were sad to see the chicks go but were excited to hear about the new arrival of a duck!

A local school is home to a duck named ‘Lucky’ and a couple of the duck eggs were given to Kids 1st Darlington to look after. Again, they watched the development of the egg and the duckling, before it returned to the school to be cared for further.

Everyone loved the duck waddling around the nursery and it brought a lot of smiles to the children, parents and staff.  It was great that the school were willing to share this experience with the children and we hope to be involved in something similar next year with them.