In the Kids 1st Pre-School you can expect a structured routine for your child with simple and clear boundaries of behaviour.

Each Kids 1st Pre-School is led by a staff member who is a graduate and they are responsible for providing a rich learning environment and an individual broad and balanced curriculum for your child. This staff member is also supported by fully qualified Nursery Staff. Your child will be assigned a key person who will be responsible for the observations,  assessment and  planning process for your child. It is is important that the key person forms a relationship with your child.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learning programme is based largely on the premise that children are at their peak learning potential between the ages of 1 and 6 years old. Within the EYFS it is vital that we build on what children have already learned at home and continue to a lay a solid foundation for formal education. We also offer some addition curricular activities such as an educational outing each term, music and movement sessions and an introduction to modern languages, to help your child get a head start.

Positive Behaviour
At Kids 1st Nurseries we aim to instil traditional family values, teaching children the importance of good manners and how to behave appropriately, both in the nursery environment and in the wider community. We feel this approach sets good standards of behaviour that will stay with the child forever. In addition to helping the children to understand the importance of positive behaviour we have devised a set of ‘Pre-School Promises’ that the children will be encouraged to follow whilst at nursery so they understand how to behave and what is expected.

Pre-School Promises
We promise to…

  • Be gentle and kind to our friends
  • Use walking feet inside and running feet outside
  • Use gentle voices inside and louder voices outside
  • Tell the truth at all times
  • Help each other when we can
  • Always try our very best
  • Have good manners
  • Look after nursery property
  • Share the toys
  • When I hear the chimes I must stop what I am doing and listen to the adult

Kids 1st Home Learning Packs
Kids 1st Home Learning Packs have been introduced as an extension to the curriculum within our pre-school. These home packs are designed to support children’s learning at home, focusing on the EYFS and seven areas of learning, covering both the prime and the specific areas. They will be available as part of a home learning scheme and will be available for you to take home and complete with your child.

Finding out about your child’s progress
During parents’ evenings staff will provide you with a written report on you child’s learning and give you personal feedback. We fully recognise that parents are the biggest influence on a child’s development, particularly in the early years, therefore sharing information about your child will help us both to provide the very best possible start for them.

For further information about EYFS and Ofsted please follow these links:
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
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Alternatively you could call us at Kids 1st and we will be able to offer you guidance on the framework.