Pre-School at Kids 1st – Why we observe

30th Jan 2013
Pre-School at Kids 1st – Why we observe

There are many reasons why we observe children but ultimately it is to enable our staff to plan an appropriate curriculum for your child.

Observation is about watching children’s actions, expressions, gestures and behaviours and listening to them talk and interact. In doing this it enables us to find out what motivates and interests your child and shows us how their skills are developing.

It is the information that we gain from observation that enables us to tailor make the curriculum for your child, ensuring that we are encouraging your child’s next stages of development.

We are keen to involve parents in this process as no one knows your child better than you. We outline the next steps we are currently focusing on for your child on the ‘next steps at home’ sheets which you will receive from your child’s key person each term. Accompanying them are the parental observation sheets, this enables you to contribute to your child’s learning journey at nursery and it will give your child’s key person valuable information about your child.