Pirates at Kids 1st Wansbeck!

28th Jul 2017
Pirates at Kids 1st Wansbeck!

This week our staff at Kids 1st Wansbeck have been creating exciting new tuff spots for the children. They have chosen topics that are of interest to the children and used them as a theme for their tuff spots.

Our Puffins are very engrossed in anything seaside and pirate related at present! As such, the staff in our Puffin room decided to create a fantastic pirate themed tuff spot for the children to play with.

They have made a beach scene with sand and ‘paper water’ water for the children to get messy with! The tuff spot includes pirates and a ship, so the children can pretend to go on swashbuckling adventures across the deep blue see. But they better watch out for the sharks in the water!

Our staff have even added a treasure chest and a secret ‘X’ marks the spot for the children to find under the sand. The children have been having lots of fun pretending to find buried treasure and fight off sea monsters!