New interactive technology for Kids 1st Pre-Schools

4th Oct 2012
New interactive technology for Kids 1st Pre-Schools

This month  Kids 1st Nurseries have  invested  in new interactive whiteboards for our nine pre-school units.

We  have installed the new technology as a teaching aid to support the children’s readiness for school; an important aspect of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Allison Winship, Head of Childcare at Kids 1st, said: “The whiteboard can be used to support all seven areas of learning in EYFS and through careful planning from our staff it will provide the children with an additional source of education.”

“This is a new initiative and after only a couple of sessions we are already seeing the benefits; children are already able to independently navigate their way around the boards, change programmes and explore other uses.”

The children are fully supervised and supported throughout each session to ensure that they are given the opportunity to explore the potential of the whiteboards and to help them find the information they are looking for. Staff are able to access news, pictures and stories via the Internet and these are used to encourage the children’s awareness of current affairs and the world around them.

Mark McArdle, Managing Director, said: “The new whiteboards are a great resource for both the staff and the children and we are all very excited about the opportunities that they could bring. At Kids 1st we always invest in our nurseries and our childcare provision to ensure that we continue to offer the highest quality of care and education.”