Mini building site at Kids 1st Ashbrooke

13th Sep 2017
Mini building site at Kids 1st Ashbrooke

This week our Kids 1st Ashbrooke preschool children have been having lots of fun pretending to be builders!

After a few of our children expressed this as an interest, staff decided to create a fun new play area for them.

They created a ‘building’ site for the children to roleplay in by adding building blocks, materials and tools for them to use. The children have wheelbarrows to transport their building materials to their ‘site’ and even wear hardhats and have clipboards!

Staff added lots of different sized boxes so the children could build them up and create walls and buildings of their own. The children have been creating some fantastic buildings and have even demolished them to make way for new ones! Needless to say, our children have really enjoyed be mini builders.