Meet Colin the Caterpillar!

1st Jun 2017
Meet Colin the Caterpillar!

Our Seahorse 2 children at Kids 1st Quorum made a discovery this week while playing in the garden. While out in the lovely weather, they noticed something green moving along the grass. After a close inspection they noticed it was a caterpillar. They were all fascinated by him and have decided to name him Colin.

As they were all mesmerized by Colin, we decided to take him in and look after him. The children have loved talking to him and feeding him leaves! Colin certainly is a very pampered caterpillar!

This has sparked Seahorse 2 to start a full topic around ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ book. The children have had lots of fun read the story and acting it out with props. We have had a food tasting session, where we sampled the different foods that the caterpillar eats in the story. The children have also been role playing with the hungry caterpillar costume!

All the children have been very caring and protective of their caterpillar and have made him a home in the room. Colin has been staying over at one of our staff member’s houses at the weekend, so he can be looked after and have lots of yummy leaves.