Maternity Style

18th Feb 2015
Maternity Style

You look your best when you’re pregnant. Sure, your body changes, but your previous frame has now been replaced with gorgeous curves. There will be a constant glow about you – the kind of glow that only pregnancy brings, and you will look more radiant than ever. However, a few changes will need to be made in terms of the way in which you dress. Of course, your breasts and tummy will expand – it’s all part of the process. While you may not be able to wear all of your favourite clothes during this time, there is no need for you not to look your best. Take a look at some of our tips and tricks for buying maternity clothes – they’re sure to leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Stay true to your style
Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to change your style completely, you simply need to adapt it to accommodate your growing bump. You don’t need to wear over-sized t-shirts and tracksuit pants, just invest in a few pieces that speak to your sense of style and pair them with some leggings and a pair of good pumps (unless you feel comfortable in heels, in which case, you should rock them). If you find some garments with enough space, you can wear them for quite some time, and maybe even after your baby is born. With the right waist belt, anything is possible.

Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable
When you’re comfortable, you’re confident, and nothing looks better on a woman than confidence. If you’re more of a pants girl, then wear pants. There are plenty of jeans options with a stretchy top section available for women who are pregnant, so take full advantage of it. Likewise, if you love dresses, make sure you have some in your cupboard. Maxi dresses make for fantastic maternity wear as they are comfortable and oh-so-very-flattering. 

Embrace dresses
Any women’s wear lookbook will tell you just how remarkably flattering a dress can be. Pregnant or not, the right dress will hug you in all the right places and make you look absolutely phenomenal. Bibee Dresses are ideal for pregnancy for a number of reasons, namely the fact that they are comfortable, easy, convenient, versatile and stylish – what more could you want from a dress?

Always accessorise
A fabulous statement necklace, some sparkly chandelier earrings or even a gorgeous hand bag is key to completing any look. And the great thing about these is the fact that you don’t need to make any extra purchases in pregnancy sizes, as one size already fits all! Make use of every one of your favourite accessories during your pregnancy. They will round off your outfit beautifully, leaving you feeling more glamorous than ever.

Your pregnancy is a truly special time. Enjoy every moment of it, especially the changes that come with this new chapter of your life.

Nicola Norris
Bibee Maternity

Bibee Maternity




Bibee Maternity designs a mix and match range of clothing for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nicola designed the Bibee range when she became pregnant in 2010 and struggled to find maternity wear that suited her growing bump. Nicola was looking for clothing that were practical and comfortable, yet still luxurious, stylish and flattering.

And so the Bibee Dress was born.

A Bibee is an interchangeable front that can be attached to any Bibee Dress or Bibee Tunic to create a different look each time. It not only looks good, but it makes breast-feeding a breeze.

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