Living Eggs at Kids 1st Quorum

27th Mar 2015
Living Eggs at Kids 1st Quorum

This week the pre-school children at Kids 1st Quorum have been lucky enough to meet their very own chicks through the Living Eggs project.

Living Eggs provided the nursery with the embryo eggs 2-3 days from hatching and an incubator so that the children could watch the eggs at all stages of hatching.  Once hatched the children have been able to observe and care for the chicks from a brooder box complete with heat light, bedding and feed.

Not only have the children experienced life cycles and growth and development, the programme has encouraged social interaction and promotes caring and nurturing skills.

The children at Kids 1st Quorum have named the chicks that have already hatched, of course Elsa was first choice!

As part of the project the children have also drawn their own observations of the chicks: