Little rescuers…your life in their hands!

18th Apr 2017
Little rescuers…your life in their hands!

From the 25th of April, our Dolphins at Kids 1st Quorum will be starting a 6 week ‘Little Rescuers’ course.

The first aid course will help the children learn vital skills and inspire our own little life savers.

The sessions will be taught by Tumbles and Grumbles, a group of dedicated health care professionals who are also parents. They are passionate about providing children with the knowledge and courage they need in a real life medical emergency.

The children will learn how to make a 999 call, recognise danger and stay safe. They will also be taught their own address in case of emergency. Alongside this the children will be taught how to help a friend or family member in a medical situation. This section will cover things such as breaks, burns, wounds and bumps.

The children will learn these vital skills through a range of fun activities using play, music and teamwork.