Little chicks at Kids 1st Wansbeck!

30th Mar 2017
Little chicks at Kids 1st Wansbeck!

This month, the children at Kids 1st Wansbeck have been very excited to welcome some little chicken eggs to hatch and take care of over the past few weeks.

The children have kept a close eye on the eggs progression as they keep cosy and warm in their incubator, until they are ready to hatch. As the eggs started to crack and wobble, with faint chirping noises being heard now and again, the children waited patiently to meet the newly born chicks.

Within a few days the fluffy chicks were born and ready to move over to their new home. The children watched with fascination as the chicks explored their new surroundings.

The chicks were finally ready for cuddles after a few days settling in to their new surroundings. With help from staff, the children were delighted to gently hold and cuddle the newly hatched chicks.