Little chefs at Kids 1st Darlington

20th Sep 2017
Little chefs at Kids 1st Darlington

This week our preschool children at Kids 1st Darlington have been pretending to be chefs! Staff decided it would be a fun idea to make some tasty soup with the children.

They thought it would be a great opportunity for the children to learn a simple recipe for vegetable soup and a great way to encourage them to eat their five-a-day!

Our children loved helping choose the vegetables for their tasty creation! They picked carrots, turnip, sweet potatoes, onions and parsnips to make a tasty autumn soup. Once we had cut and peeled the vegetables, staff helped the children dice the vegetables into smaller chunks for the pot.

When all the ingredients were in the pot, we handed this over to our chef in the kitchen so they could slowly simmer the stock and veg until it was ready to eat! The children really enjoyed helping to makes the soup – needless to say, they enjoyed eating it even more!

They were all very proud of their yummy soup – perfect for a cosy autumn day at nursery.