Kids 1st in the kitchen – Strawberry milk ice lollies

16th May 2017
Kids 1st in the kitchen – Strawberry milk ice lollies

As the weather is starting to get a little bit warmer and summer will soon be upon us (hopefully!), we thought we would share our favourite summertime treat with you all! These homemade ice lollies are a fun recipe for kids to help out with and are a healthier alternative to shop-bought ones.

400g ripe strawberries
405g can light condensed milk
200ml semi-skimmed milk


Step 1
Blend the strawberries in a food processor until smooth.

Step 2
Mix the milk and condensed milk into the blended strawberries until combined.

Step 3
Carefully pour the yummy concoction into ice-lolly moulds, dividing the mixture evenly.

Step 4
Pop the ice-lolly moulds into the freezer and leave to set for a minimum of 4 hrs until they are solid.

Step 5
When the lollies are ready to consume, make sure to slightly warm the moulds with your hands to release them from the moulds.

Tip: Try experimenting with different fruits and mixing them up for even more fun and healthy flavours!

*Serves 6-12 people depending on the sizes of ice lolly moulds.