Kids 1st Darlington taken over by pirates!

3rd Aug 2017
Kids 1st Darlington taken over by pirates!

Kids 1st Darlington has been taken over by pirates! The children have been enjoying a pirate themed week at nursery this week.

Staff decorated the rooms and created some swashbuckling tuff spots with sand and buried shells for the children to discover. They have been having lots of fun dressing up and pretending to be pirates!

The staff set up fantastic treasure hunts for the children to use their imagination and explore the room for hidden clues and treats! They have been playing ‘Pop-up pirate’, pirate snap and matching pairs. The children have also really enjoyed listing to lots of pirate tales during their story time.

They have had lots of fun pretending to go off on adventures and role playing with each other. The children have even made their own telescope to spot new islands to explore and potential places to hide their treasure!