Kids 1st Darlington create their very own superhero!

9th Aug 2017
Kids 1st Darlington create their very own superhero!

This week our children at Kids 1st Darlington have been busy with ‘Supertato’ – a super hero spud who loves to save the day! The book is by Sue Hendra, who is also the illustrator of Barry the Fish with Fingers and Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell – which are firm favourites at Kids 1st!

The children have really enjoyed reading all about Supertato’s exciting adventure as he tries to help his fellow vegetables in the supermarket. They loved the book so much we decided to create a display all about the character and his story.

The children have been letting their imaginations run wild and decided to create their very own superhero character! They talked about all the different ‘special powers’ and ‘super abilities’ their character should have and drew pictures of what they would look like. Using cardboard and lots of paint, the children helped make a model of their superhero.

Once the model was finished, the children decided to name their creation ‘Hiccup’- a crime fighting robot rabbit! The children have had lots of fun making up stories about Hiccup having fantastic adventures and saving the world before tea time!