Happy Valentine’s Day

14th Feb 2013
Happy Valentine’s Day

At Kids 1st we are shown a lot of love from our families and staff and this Valentine’s Day we wanted to share it with you!

Why our parents LOVE Kids 1st

“I love that even in today’s financial climate Kids 1st are still holding an annual ‘free’ fair for the kids and families.”

“The staff put the kids first every time. My daughter is so well looked after.”

“I love @Kids 1st because they always send my daughter home smiling.”

“We love Rake Lane, staff are wonderful. Oliver loves every minute of his days at nursery!”

“I love Kids 1st because they put my kids first!”

“Kids 1st – where every child is made to feel special!”

Why our staff LOVE working at Kids 1st

“Kids 1st have made me more passionate about my job! I love my job and I love each day – it is different every day. I have gained a lot of experience and it is all thanks to the company.”

“Because we are the best and we give the best care.”

“Because of the quality and the drive to always be better.”

“We are always moving forward and never stand still.”

“I’ve worked for Kids 1st for eight years, the best eight years of my life. I’ve gone from a shy nursery assistant, to a confident nursery nurse. I’ve worked with the best and have had the best support over the years.”

“I am allowed to be me! The nursery is a lovely, friendly place and my confidence has grown massively.”

“It feels like home.”

“I love making a difference in children’s lives and Kids 1st gives me the opportunity to do this; from giving me a promotion to listening to my ideas and supporting me. I have a real passion and feel I am given great opportunities.”

“I love working for Kids 1st because I always feel supported. I love that we are always moving forward and I feel inspired by how focused everyone is. Most importantly I love that the children are always our priority.”