Guest post – Top tips for a great night’s sleep for all!

4th Jul 2017
Guest post – Top tips for a great night’s sleep for all!

We all know the signs of a sleepy child – irritable mood, tantrums and difficulty concentrating to name a few! Bedtime battles are made even more frustrating knowing how important sleep is for them; better sleep means a happier child, leading to improved behaviour and physical and mental development.

So how do you get your little one to settle and get these precious hours of shut eye? Creating your own consistent routine of a bath, story and then bedtime will make it easier for your little one to know when they need to start settling down for the night. If you team this up with a sleep trainer and reward your children with praise every morning you can help encourage them into a sleep routine.

The Gro Company’s top tips for a peaceful night’s sleep:

• Slow and steady wins the race – It is so important when setting a routine for your little one that you build it up gradually. By increasing the time for them to be in bed by 5 – 10 minutes at a time, they can adjust to their new wake up routine and they are more likely to stick to it. For a rough guide on the average amount of sleep your child needs, take a look at this useful guide from BabyCentre.

• Get a routine and stick to it – A parent’s consistency when it comes to bedtime is the glue that will hold the routine together. If you get an unexpected wake-up call in the middle of the night, be calm and pop them back to bed and explain it is still sleep time. If you have a Groclock you can then say they have to wait until the sun comes up.

• Bedding – Bedding that has been kicked off or falling out of bed will mean a disrupted night sleep for everyone. It can really effect your baby’s quality of sleep and result in them becoming restless during the night – so make sure they are nicely tucked in and snug for the night.

• Temperature of the room – This is such an important part of ensuring safer and better quality sleep for your children. The Lullaby Trust recommends that a child’s bedroom should be between 16 – 20 degrees. This is because; overheating can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) whilst being too cold will result in a disrupted, bad night’s sleep. The Groegg is a colour changing room thermometer and nightlight which can give you peace of mind that your child is resting at just the right temperature, with one small glance.

Ensuring you have a bedtime routine in places and following the tips above should help the whole family enjoy a safe, restful night sleep once more!

A huge thank you to The Gro Company for writing this advice piece for our Kids 1st parents. For more info about the company and their products please visit