Guest post – Get kids into the garden with Dobbies

25th Apr 2017
Guest post – Get kids into the garden with Dobbies

The new spring season is a great time to get your little ones out of the house and into the garden growing. Brighter and warmer days make it easier to spend more time enjoying your outside space. Planting up their very own containers is a fun and easy way for kids to catch the gardening bug, so follow these simple steps to have them blossoming in no time.

Here is a simple guide to container planting with your children.

What you’ll need:
Compost, container (a trough, food container or even an old welly), bedding plants and gloves. Note: Always wear gloves when gardening to protect your hands.

Fill your pot/container or an old welly boot with compost, don’t be scared to put your hands in and spread it all out.

1. Choose your plant – Take your pot/container or old welly boot with the compost and make a hole where you want your plants to be.

2. Plant – Insert your plant into the space, use your fingers to push the compost around your plant and tuck it in so that the roots are nicely covered. TIP if you want more than one plant in your container make sure you leave enough room for them to grow.

3. Water your plants regularly and keep your container somewhere that catches the sun.

4. Watch your plants grow!

Top Tip to Attract Wildlife: Choose plants that are wildlife friendly to attract butterflies and bees. Alternatively, your little ones may prefer sowing seeds into a deeper trough using shaker tins or mats that you simply place into the compost, water and grow.

More activities and ideas can be found online at – why not try making fat balls for birds or a ladybird house.