Dancing Tots

27th Oct 2014
Dancing Tots

LP Dancing Tots now sits under the umbrella of LP Dance in Education, a consultancy business for educational dance offering advisory work, CPD training packages, an Early Years Educational Dance Programme, Choreography and Gifted and Talented workshops and residencies for Local Education Authorities, Higher Education Institutions (Trainee Teachers), Schools and Private Nurseries.

Grace Burns and Cheryl Gill, who deliver the LP Dancing Tots programme at all nine Kids 1st Nurseries, have been working extremely hard over the summer attending extra training sessions and learning new material ready for the new academic year. Now the autumn term is in full swing, Grace and Cheryl are enjoying getting to know the new children in the Dolphin classes and are also delighted to be welcoming back children from last academic year who have been pleased to show their peers that they already know some of the dances and movements.

This term, Cheryl has particularly enjoyed introducing the children to ‘Brain Dances’. ‘I’m a Scaly Little Lizard’, where the children have to perform a tongue song, has proved to be a particular favourite and is always guaranteed a few giggles from everyone. Grace has been really impressed with the level of engagement and focus from the children and is enjoying teaching the creative dances, such as ‘The Magic Shoe Box’ and ‘Going to the Zoo’. Grace states, “The children love it when they pretend to put on their magic wellington boots and march, jump and splash around in muddy puddles”. The children have also enjoyed their creative dance journeys to the zoo where they meet lots of different animals such as monkeys swinging through the trees, snakes sliding and slithering in the long grass and giraffes with their long necks.

We would love to hear about your children practicing their dancing at home or teaching the moves to their younger siblings, or maybe even their parents. We would love you to share any such experiences with us by email, Facebook or Twitter.

Laura Prince

Director of LP Dancing Tots