Dancetastic Tots in partnership with Kids 1st

1st Jun 2014
Dancetastic Tots in partnership with Kids 1st

Kids 1st are absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Dancetastic Tots, the classes have been running in all nine Kids 1st nurseries since October 2013 and feedback from staff, parents and most importantly the children has been excellent. The Dancetastic Tots Team are also looking forward to delivering to children at the brand new Kids 1st Nursery opening in Bowesfield (Stockton) in July 2014.

Each Dancetastic Tots session at Kids 1st is linked to the EYFS. The programme aims to develop the child’s gross motor skills, co-ordination, creativity, and physical fitness as well as improve listening and communication skills. The children are encouraged to move creatively using different cross curricular themes and props such as ribbons, scarves and pom poms to aid as inspiration and to help guide their movements. The children also learn basic dance steps and actions that accompany Dancetastic Tots very own original songs and music as well as traditional nursery rhymes and popular children’s songs and Brain Dance.

The sessions at Kids 1st are delivered by Grace Burns, Cheryl Gill and Charlene Melling. Both Cheryl and Grace attended John Spence High School in North Shields and were taught GCSE Dance by Laura before attending Newcastle College and then University, both achieving a 2:1 degree in Dance. Cheryl thoroughly enjoys teaching all her classes and commented: “I am finding it so rewarding to see how much the children have developed over the past four months; when I first started some of the children were very shy and reluctant to participate and now they can’t wait to get started and get out the equipment with constant smiles on their faces”.

The Dancetastic Tots programme at Kids 1st also includes themed classes, one of Grace’s favourite themed classes this year was Chinese New Year and she commented: “The children loved sweeping the old year away, dancing around with their fish and pretending to be fireworks – we all had such fun”

Best Wishes

Laura Prince