Butterflies at Kids 1st Darlington

10th Jul 2017
Butterflies at Kids 1st Darlington

Over the past few weeks Kids 1st Darlington children have been patiently waiting for their cocooned caterpillars to start hatching.

One sunny day the children were happy to discover that their five butterflies had indeed hatched from their cocoons! Everyone was so excited to see what the little caterpillars had transformed into. The children noticed all the lovely colours on their wings and were fascinated at the caterpillars new look.

The butterflies were given lots of fruit and sugar water to eat so they could get their strength up before they were released into the wild. All the children have had so much fun looking after the butterflies and watching them grow.

At the end of last week we released them all into out garden and the children watched as they flew off to explore their new surroundings. The children have loved learning all about the butterfly life cycle.