Bonjour Parents

21st Dec 2012
Bonjour Parents

Bonjour Parents!

Parents often ask us pertinent questions about language acquisition and how we teach their children. We would like to give you an insight as to why it is so important that the children are given the opportunity to embark on the path of bilingualism.

Research studies have shown time and time again that the earlier we expose our children to multiple languages the better. Children who speak more than one language are believed to be more versatile and it is understood to have a positive effect on their mental development, improving analytical, social and academic skills. It may seem like a long way off but it will certainly give your child a head start in the world of work, a leading edge that the next candidate may not have.

This term we have been very excited about the instalment of the interactive whiteboards in Kids 1st, which has given us access to use multi-media teaching technology to reinforce any language learning. This way the children are exposed to more than just bilingual staff at Petits Poussins speaking French.

Gill Nemir
Petits Poussins