Baby beats music session at Kids 1st Quorum

25th Sep 2017
Baby beats music session at Kids 1st Quorum

Children are never too young to be exposed to music and studies have shown how crucial it is to aiding development.

Hearing, repeating and marking rhythm and melody from birth teaches the brain how to communicate. Listening to the beat teaches their limbs how to move with control and purpose – which helps with the coordination. Every sound a baby hears helps them to categorise the world around them.

We are excited to announce that Kids 1st Quorum are introducing some ‘Baby Beats’ sessions to their Starfish 1 room. The children will be encouraged to join in during this fun filled circle time with their friends and family.

Sessions will be held in the Starfish 1 room and will be set out on a circular mat with a variety of musical equipment in front of them – so they can choose and explore the different instruments throughout the session.

There will be a variety of equipment for the children to play with including; sensory tubes, heuristic materials, musical instruments and natural materials.

Each session the children will enjoy a variety of activities that encompasses expressive arts and other EYFS development areas. Kids 1st Quorum’s usual ‘Parent Play Days’ will be incorporating these sessions starting from the week commencing 16th October.

If you are able to attend, please let a member of staff in our Starfish 1 room know what day you wish to come. We look forward to seeing you all soon!