Adventures in space at Kids 1st Wansbeck

17th Aug 2017
Adventures in space at Kids 1st Wansbeck

Kids 1st Wansbeck has gone were no nursery has gone before… into space!

Our Puffins have recently been learning all about space. The children have been fascinated to hear all about our solar system and the plants that surround us.

The children enjoyed the subject so much, our staff decided to create a space themed tuff spot for the children to interact with. They designed a moon landing play area for the children to act out secret space missions using the spaceships, rockets, astronauts and aliens. The tuff spot even had moon dust for the children to play with!

The staff also added sparkly material under the tuff spot to create a fantastic space den for the children to explore and use for role-play. The den was decorated with lots of rope and star lights to make the area look like outer space! The children were thrilled to see how amazing the space themed tuff spot looked and couldn’t wait to pretend they were off on adventures through time and space!