Active in Autumn

1st Oct 2015
Active in Autumn

As autumn arrives with its dark nights and cooler temperatures, it can become difficult to find the motivation to be active, but with a few small changes to your health and wellbeing routines you can keep the family on their toes and off the sofa.

The tips below will help you and your family stay active throughout the autumn months:

1. Routine

Plan an activity routine and put it in your in your diary. Treat it as an important appointment and don’t change it unless you absolutely have to.

2. A change is as good as a holiday

Look for new places to exercise. Ask family and friends where their favourite walks or cycle routes are and give them a go.

3. Family games

Add challenges into conker games with the loser having to do a forfeit; jog on the spot for one minute or ten star jumps.

4. A laugh a minute

If you really can’t face the cold, get the whole family working out to a fitness DVD. It can be such fun and, if nothing else, you will work your stomach muscles laughing!

5. Energy Boost

Many traditional autumn foods can help to boost your wellbeing. Pumpkin seeds are great for heart health and cabbage and sprouts are packed with vitamin A and C.

Remember, just because the nights are dark there are still plenty of options for keeping active!

Best wishes

Health and Wellbeing Project Manager
Newcastle United Foundation