A Kids 1st Poem

20th Sep 2013
A Kids 1st Poem

At Kids 1st we are very lucky to have such supportive parents and yesterday we had a lovely surprise in our inbox when this delightful poem appeared!


Kids 1st Poem
When you love your kids so very much as many parents do,
and all you want is the best for them while you have your job to do,
then choose Kids 1st Day Nursery and you’ll never have to moan,
the staff there are fantastic, treat the children as their own.
They’re smiley, happy, friendly and the children love them so,
and because they get to know them then it really helps them grow.
When they’re poorly they look after them,
when they’re well they have great fun.
What better care could you want for your daughter or your son!

The writer wishes to remain anonymous but everyone at Kids 1st is so touched by this poem and we would like to say a big thank you to this parent and all of our parents that take the time to tell us why they love Kids 1st.