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Your child deserves the best. We provide it. Contents Page 1 Hello Parents Page 2 Excellence in Childcare Page 4 Our Nurseries Page 6 Were healthy Page 8 Menus Page 10 Our people Page 12 Were challenging Page 14 We have lots of fun Page 16 We understand Our History Kids 1st is a family run business and all of our nurseries are located in the North East of England. In 2004 our first nursery opened at Rake Lane North Shields closely followed by Wansbeck in Ashington. Since then we have gone from strength-to-strength and have opened a further eight nurseries and employ over 400 staff. We are proud to boast that our achievements include 17 outstanding Ofsted Reports and winning Nursery Team of the Year 2006 from Nursery Management Today and Nursery Chain of the Year 2009 from Nursery World. We have also held the title of The Highest Quality Childcare Provider in UK for five consecutive years. At Kids 1st we truly believe that the experiences children receive in their formative years are crucial to their future development and this is why we want to take some time to tell you a little bit about Kids 1st and what makes us the best choice for your child. Our Aim At Kids 1st we are very proud of everything we have achieved so please take the time to have a browse through our brochure and have a look at why we think you will LOVE Kids 1st but dont just take our word for it... come along and see for yourself Our aim at Kids 1st is to give your child the best possible start in life by providing an environment that is safe exciting and nurturing. Purpose-built nurseries fully trained staff secure fingerprint door entry systems healthy locally sourced food beautiful enclosed gardens and exciting challenging play areas all help to ensure that your children receive the highest quality childcare. Kids 1st Hello Parents The Highest Quality Childcare Provider in the UK 2011-2016 Nursery World Kids 1st Excellence in Childcare Kids 1st is well known throughout the North East for providing the highest quality of childcare in the region and this is a commitment that is shared by all at Kids 1st. We place a great emphasis upon working in partnership with parentscarers to ensure a shared interest in each child. We plan activities around the childrens individual routines and build upon their experiences and interests. At Kids 1st we have set policies and procedures that are adhered to by all members of staff and these enable the company to offer a consistently high level of care across all of the nurseries. Why youll LOVE Kids 1st... Excellence in Childcare Staff have exceptional knowledge and understanding about how children learn and develop. They plan stimulating and exciting activities that motivate children to learn and consequently make consistently excellent progress in their development. Ofsted 2013 Kids 1st Excellence in Childcare Kids 1st Our Nurseries All Kids 1st Nurseries have been purpose-built and designed to provide a wonderful child- friendly environment that helps to meet the needs of the young children in our care. When designing the nurseries we aim to provide an environment that gives your children the maximum opportunity to enjoy themselves whilst at the same time stimulating their learning. Why youll LOVE Kids 1st... Our Nurseries An inviting nursery entrance area includes a large fish tank. Children and parents are greeted by an oasis of light and calm that will set the tone for the rest of the day. Nursery Chains Features include separate sleep rooms for babies which creates a home-from-home atmosphere. separate dining rooms for children to sit together as they would a family meal. CCTV security and fingerprint door entry systems. ceiling and floor heating to ensure a safe controlled temperature. big bright and spacious rooms which are accentuated by large expanses of glass to give a light and airy feel. rooms with direct access to large well-equipped and challenging gardens which have been designed to suit the age groups that use them. storage for buggies and car seats to ease drop-offs and pick-ups. Kids 1st Our Nurseries Kids 1st Were healthy At Kids 1st we understand just how important the health of your children is to you and this makes it all the more important to us. We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle in a bid to help all of the children who attend our nurseries on their way to a long and healthy life. We are passionate about the quality of food that we serve and the tastes and flavours that your children experience. All of the food served in our nurseries is freshly prepared every day by our team of Chefs. We use only quality branded products and have a policy of no added salt and minimal sugar. Why youll LOVE Kids 1st... Were healthy It is the policy of Kids 1st Nurseries to promote a healthy lifestyle which will help them on their way to live a long and healthy life. Diet and exercise are key elements within this policy. At Kids 1st we try to instill traditional values children are encouraged to eat in our dining rooms at the table as they would a family meal. One member of staff sits at each pre-school table and eats the same meal in the same dish with the same cutlery so that they have the same dining experience as the children. We find that this encourages the children to try new dishes tastes and textures and it reinforces our traditional values. We recognise that exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and we encourage our children to play outside in our beautiful gardens regardless of the unpredictable English weather. We also have structured physical fitness and dancing programmes delivered by fully trained teachers to ensure that your little ones get age appropriate exercise. Kids 1st Were healthy Kids 1st Menus Menus Meal Monday Tuesday Tea Breakfast A glass of diluted fruit juice served with a selection of cereals with chopped fruit warm porridge with blueberries and whitebrown toast A glass of diluted fruit juice served with a selection of cereals with chopped fruit warm porridge with blueberries and homemade malt loaf Lunch Salmon fishcake with root vegetable mash and baked beans A glass of water Semolina and raspberry jam Sliced turkey served with roasted potatoes a selection of seasonal vegetables and a rich gravy A glass of water Cheese and crackers Meal Monday Tuesday Snacks are available throughout the day these include bread sticks oat cakes and fresh fruit. Vegetarian options are always available. Fruit bowls are available all afternoon for children to help themselves to should they become peckish. Sample Baby Menu Breakfast Lunch Roasted seasonal vegetables with garlic Homemade Greek yoghurt with fruit pure Red lentil and butternut squash pure Pured pears in custard A selection of cereals whitebrown toast and porridge with fresh berries A selection of cereals whitebrown toast and porridge with fresh berries All babies can enjoy a blended Sample Childrens Menu Tea Toasted panini fingers with various fillings Fresh cut seasonal fruit with a glass of milk Homemade soup with brown bread triangles Date Slice Kids 1st Menus Thursday FridayWednesday A glass of diluted fruit juice served with a selection of cereals with chopped fruit warm porridge with blueberries and toasted teacake A glass of diluted fruit juice served with a selection of cereals with chopped fruit warm porridge with blueberries and whitebrown toast Fruity Quorn curry served with fluffy brown rice A glass of water Apple and blueberry oaty crumble served with custard Thursday FridayWednesday Available with the Winter Menu. Spicy root vegetable pure Chocolate and beetroot cake Sweet potato and carrots Pured fresh fruit Bubble and squeak Homemade Greek yoghurt with strawberry pure A selection of cereals whitebrown toast and porridge with fresh berries A selection of cereals whitebrown toast and porridge with fresh berries A selection of cereals whitebrown toast and porridge with fresh berries version of the Childrens Menu A glass of diluted fruit juice served with a selection of cereals with chopped fruit warm porridge with blueberries and whitebrown toast Cheese falafel with cucumber raita Pork meatballs in a tomato sauce served with wholemeal pasta A glass of water Shepherdspiewithabubbleandsqueak toppingservedwithseasonalvegetables. A glass of water Homemadeyoghurtmousse Jacket potato served with various fillings Lemon and yoghurt loaf with a glass of milk Homemade soup with brown bread triangles Fresh cut seasonal fruit with a glass of milk Wholemealpastawithatomatoand basilsauceandasprinkleofcheese Bananasplitwithaglassofmilk Why youll LOVE Kids 1st... Our people Kids 1st Our people At Kids 1st we recognise that it is our staff members that make us successful and to be able to offer the very best care and education we must continually involve our team in sharing our vision. We recognise that the care in our nurseries isnt down to individuals but the team as a whole each member of staff has their own roles and responsibilities which provides a synergistic effect. Each nursery is run by an experienced Nursery Manager who is supported by strong senior staff and a team of dedicated professionals. All of our nurseries adhere to the Ofsted Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements however such is our commitment to the welfare of the children we go over and above to ensure each staff member is well trained this includes First Aid. The Kids 1st Senior Management Team is made up of highly qualified professionals that are passionate about the care and education of children. Teaching is outstanding. Staff provide an exciting stimulating and extremely well organised environment both indoors and outdoors Ofsted 2014 Kids 1st Our people Kids First HiKids 1st Were challenging We believe that it is vitally important that children are in an environment that allows them the opportunity to reach their full potential and this is why we always try to give our children new challenges to help them to be the best they can be. Why youll LOVE Kids 1st... Were challenging Staff have excellent skills and knowledge of the Learning and Development Requirements and a superb understanding of how children learn. Ofsted 2014 At Kids 1st we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS which covers childrens development and learning from birth to 5 years. The EYFS is designed to deliver improved outcomes for all children across every area of learning and development. Statutory early learning goals establish expectations for most children to reach by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They set out the skills understanding and knowledge which young children should have acquired by the end of the academic year in which they reach the age of five. Each nursery has a Pre-School unit led by graduates where you can expect a structured routine for your child with simple and clear boundaries of behaviour in readiness for school. Kids 1st also employs dedicated teachers to provide children with extracurricular modern language and music and movement lessons. Kids 1st Were challenging The emphasis at Kids 1st is to create a relaxed atmosphere where the children are able to have fun be themselves and learn at their own pace. We provide lots of opportunities for children and parents to have fun together. From day trips to fashion shows from social evenings to parent play days we want your experience to be a happy one. As a parent I love the very personal touch the staff have the play days and sponsored toddle events are brilliant and the regular parents evenings enable you to discuss your childs progress and development with their key worker. Parent Kids 1st Quorum We also have strong links with external partners to ensure that the children receive benefits that the nurseries alone wouldnt be able to provide. For example Kids 1st are annual supporters of The Childrens Foundation a North East childrens charity. Children and parents all participate in fundraising events thus helping the nursery to teach new skills and enabling the children to learn about the wider community. Our parents are huge supporters of extracurricular activities and are often able to assist us in the education of the children with relation to their occupations. For example doctors and dentists bring in props that can be used for role-play or fire-fighters and police officers bring their colleagues over to the nurseries to talk to the children. Kids 1st We have lots of fun Why youll LOVE Kids 1st... We have lots of fun Kids 1st We have lots of fun With time short rushing around and a 30 minute drive to work a coffee to take-away is an excellent and very welcome treat Parent Kids 1st Rake Lane At Kids 1st the happiness and welfare of our families is of paramount importance to us therefore we like to go that extra mile to say thank you Coffee to Go Breakfast Service Getting your child to nursery on a morning and then getting yourself to work on time can sometimes feel like a military operation. Sometimes it is not possible to make time for yourself or even have time to grab a cup of coffee At Kids 1st we recognise this and thats why we have introduced our Coffee to Go Breakfast Service. Once your child has been dropped off with the staff you can help yourself to a freshly prepared hot drink and a delicious home-cooked snack for you to enjoy in our dedicated Parents Room or to take with you on your way to work. Annual Family Fun Day The Kids 1st Annual Family Fun Day is a free day out for all the family The event includes fun fair rides side shows stalls and a full programme of entertainment on the main stage. It gives you the chance to relax with your family and other parents and enjoy some family fun Kids 1st We understand Why youll LOVE Kids 1st... We understand Social Evenings We love to involve our parents through regular parents social evenings. At these events you will meet with your childs key person who will talk to you about your childs development and then discuss plans for the future. The Nursery Chef also prepares a selection of meals so that you can sample some of the tasty treats that your child eats at nursery. Many parents find that these evenings are a great opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. 0191 461 8877 Head Office Kids 1st Nurseries Keel Row 12 The Watermark Gateshead NE11 9SZ Kids_1st Follow us on Twitter Kids 1st Nurseries Like us on Facebook Nursery locations Ashbrooke - Sunderland Bowesfield - Stockton Darlington - County Durham Durham - Durham City Gosforth - Newcastle Hexham - Northumberland Low Fell - Gateshead QE Hospital - Gateshead Quorum - Longbenton Rake Lane - North Shields Wansbeck - Ashington Wynyard - Teesside